Pressure (تجهیزات اندازه گیری فشار )

Process and diferential pressure
measurement in acids, sludgues,
gases or vapors.


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A compact pressure transducer with
preset measuring range. The Cerabar
product family offers robust ceramic
sensors up to 40 bar or metal sensors
up to 400 bar for absolute and
overpressure measurements.


Pressure switch
For safe measurement and monitoring of
absolute pressure and overpressure in
gases, vapors and fluids.Smooth operation
with display and on-site operation
as well as a modularadapter system for
easy connection to all processes.


Analog and digital transmitters
Flexible device platform for universal
application in your processes.This includes
FDA-compliant materials and aseptic
connections that are especially suitable
for hygienic applications.The analog digital
transmitters are available with the following
electronics variants: analog,HART®, PROFIBUS®
PA or FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus.

Digital transmitters
These high-end pressuretransmitters offer
you a comprehensive safety package and an
intelligent operation and device concept.
Reliable data management is provided in
the form of HistoROM. The digital
transmitters are developed, constructed
and manufactured in compliance up to SIL
3/IEC 61508 (homogeneous redundancy).