Density and Concentration ( اندازه گیری دانسیته و غلظت )
Quality measurement in liquids

Vibronic – Liquiphant
Large number of process connections to
choose from. Suitable for hygienic
applications. Units of density: norm
density, °Brix, °Baumé, °Plato, % volume,
concentration, etc. with 2D and 3D tables.
Formula editor to calculate customer-specific
units. Up to five Liquiphant density sensors
can be connected to the density computer
FML621. Direct installation in tanks and pipes.
Coriolis – Promass
Maximum process dependability, because
density, temperature and mass flow are
all measured simultaneously. Approval
for custody-transfer applications.
No maintenance necessary.
Units of density: standard density,
standard volume flow and totalizing,
% mass, % volume, alcohol tables
(for mass and volume), target flow and
carrier flow, °Brix, °Plato, °Baumé,
°API, etc. Direct measurement in the pipe.DDDDDDDDDD
Radiometric – Gammapilot
Straightforward retrofitting without
process interruption; the pipes do not
have to be opened. No maintenance
necessary. Units of density: g/cm3,
g/l, lb/gal, concentration, % mass,
°Brix, °Baumé, °API, etc. Installation
from outside through the pipe, in the
bypass or tank.